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Don't break rule 7 whatever you do

2021.12.01 09:33 ParticularDay1800 Don't break rule 7 whatever you do

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2021.12.01 09:33 infoday_us Muslim Lawmakers Condemn Republicans’ Inaction After Boebert’s Islamophobic Remarks

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2021.12.01 09:33 Significant_Brush434 ADAMoon Launching Now | Auto Rewards In ADA| Cross chain BSC & Cardano Alonzo| Sundae Swap & Yield Farming | Gaming & Metaverse 🌑

This is your gateway to financial freedom. By holding ADAMoon you’ll get automatic airdrops every hour (contract tested and validated) of Cardano straight to your wallet.
⁉️Why should you even invest?⁉️
In summary the utility:
Dev's involved in previous multimillion dollar projects
Creating a farm to benefit holders for new layer 2 projects
Diversifying into the Cardano Smart Chain for Sundaeswap rewards
Developing games that are fun to play and reward users in multi tokens & platforms
Original token will always reward users in CARDANO
· 10% Tax (7% Rewards, 1% Marketing, 2% Liquidity)
· Liquidity locked.
· Development Utility Holdings (WILL NOT be sold)
· Yield Farming
· Cardano Alonzo Cross Chain with Sundae Swap
· Gaming Platform
🔹 BUY HERE : https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x44009696f108d1de57c5d230d4dd8851e1f1b912
🔹 Contract: 0x44009696f108d1de57c5d230d4dd8851e1f1b912
🔹 Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0x44009696f108d1de57c5d230d4dd8851e1f1b912#readContract
🔹 LP LOCKED: https://deeplock.io/lock/0xc1765341356Dd58BBEF5684B0c64d7188DbC974C
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2021.12.01 09:33 WhatAHero420 This sub sucks

That is all
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2021.12.01 09:33 _KingScar #HumpDay🍑

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2021.12.01 09:33 Waiting4MidMoon What's The Best Way To Get Out A Stain?...Asking For A Friend

"Here's your coffee." Said my best friend, Sarah, and placed the cup perfectly in the centre of the coaster. "And please don't spill the sugar this time." She shot me a look of condescension before joining me at her kitchen-table.
"That was an accident and you know it." I replied.
"Hmm." She sipped her drink and looked down at the table. I guess over the years I'd just gotten used to her rudeness, not just because we share the same condition and understand eachother, but because she has been there for me when no one else has. She's my best friend, quite possibly my only friend, and I will always make the time for her.
"So, what's going on?" I asked, ignoring her remark. "You seemed extremely upset on the phone?"
"Kyle got sent home from school with a letter."
"Oh? What did it say?"
"It said, if I do not to take him to the doctors for his skin, then they are going to report me. Can you believe that?!...Me?! You know I love Kyle with all my heart! I would never let him have a skin-rash or anything! I make sure he scrubs his hands all the time and he most definitely has a bath or shower twice a day...Besides, I've checked him...There's no rash whatsoever. I mean, I made him have a bath anyway, but there was no rash!"
"Well, perhaps they're just worried it might be something-else?"
"Oh come off it, Becca, you know they don't like me and are just trying to push my buttons again...You know it's not the first-time."
"I'm just trying to point out that-"
"Don't believe me? Go check Kyle out for yourself. Go on...Check him. He's in his bedroom."
I actually needed the toilet, so I decided to oblige and headed upstairs.
After using the bathroom, I thoroughly washed my hands and proceeded to Kyle's room. His door was shut like always. I knocked three-times and waited for his command.
"Hi Kyle, it's Becca!" Kyle was laying in his bed with the duvet pulled-up, covering everything but his head. He didn't reply. He just closed his eyes and looked away. It was almost as if he didn't want me there. I slowly walked over to his bed. "Mind if I take a look?" I asked. Again, he said nothing.
I whipped back the covers to reveal his raw, peeling skin. Pulsating blisters and oozing sores stared back at me. Blood slowly wept from his pores and dripped onto the bed. I swiftly looked over his entire body. It was the same everywhere. His head was still facing away from me and his eyes were still closed. I returned the covers and ran back downstairs to the kitchen.
"Wellll...?" Asked Sarah.
"Wellll, you're right...He definitely doesn't have a rash. But, did you know he's bleeding all over the mattress?!" I proclaimed.
"Yes I do know! It's driving me mad! Do you know the best way to get it out?"
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2021.12.01 09:33 star1star4 When do you think the ova will be available?

like on Crunchyroll or anywhere else lol?
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2021.12.01 09:33 InfantryMOD Harbour Hotels Raise Over £12,000 for Room to Reward

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2021.12.01 09:33 SpaceFaceMistake Can Stablecoin Supply Measure Ethereum Adoption?

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2021.12.01 09:33 DraculasButterfly Making friends

Hi everybody! I would like to hear your opinions on how to make friends during pandemic if you live abroad while you struggle with social anxiety?
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2021.12.01 09:33 HelenaHarper Nice Tail

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2021.12.01 09:33 TheFatPig888 Petice

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2021.12.01 09:33 TechWizTime The ULTIMATE Gaming Laptop RAM Comparison!

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2021.12.01 09:33 jupters_tea É possível ter uma vida sexual ativa sendo homem mediano?

Quando se trata de relacionamentos tem muita coisa envolvida além da aparência, mas rolês mais casuais pendem mais pro lado físico, né?
Moças do Reddit, qual a visão de vocês sobre isso?
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2021.12.01 09:33 starina_go Mega Steelix. adding 10. Stay online. 0054 8109 1275

Mega Steelix. adding 10. Stay online. 0054 8109 1275.
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2021.12.01 09:33 qwerty47559 Can anybody explain the BRRR method and the steps that you need to do to make it work effectively, like I am 5 years old so I can try to wrap my head around it.

I am just starting on my property journey and as we speak am waiting to find out if my first buy to let offer will be accepted or not. Because I am so new, I’ve been spending a long time trying to educate myself. I’ve been watching YouTube videos and listening to progressive property podcasts and I’ve heard about BRRR many times and on paper it sounds great.
But I’m confused, how is yield maintained if you take a tenant based on rent of a house at X value, if you were to then remortgage your house at a higher value. Now the house is worth Y amount so surely the mortgage repayments would be higher then and your yield would be reduced?
This is the main thing I’m struggling to understand surrounding this right now. And so an explanation of the step by step process would help to clear it up and make sure that I’m understanding it clearly.
Thanks in advance and apologies if this sort of post isn’t allowed here
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2021.12.01 09:33 sopalidisajnaco 🌳 TreedomCoins | Saving the earth | Fair Launched (no presale) | Community driven token | 📺 Paid marketing team | 🔒 Liquidity Locked for 10 years

Did you miss $SMOON or $STRAYINU. No worries because $TREEDOM will be the next big moonshot token! Our experienced team knows how to run the marketing and branding for tokens. Due to previous successful tokens ofcourse.
Next to the marketing, we strive to build a close and solid community on Telegram. Community is the foundation to grow! To keep communinty together, we will reward holders 2% of every transaction. So invest, hold and grow together! Join our Telegram group: https://t.me/treedomcoins
To build trust in our community, we locked the liquidity for 10 years and automatically feed the liquidity with 3% of every transaction. There will be always liquidity to stable the price to make it a low risk investment.
After all, we are a charity token. For every transaction we count 3% fee for saving the forest around the world.
​💬 JOIN THE TELEGRAM GROUP NOW: https://t.me/treedomcoins
Buy link: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x570eb152C93D2F49E683bE5F435d63187886182E
Already listed on:
❤️ To charity: 3%
🤖 Automatic liquidity: 3%
🔥 Initial burn: 10%
📺 Marketing: 2%
🏆 Holder reward: 2%
💰 Max supply:100,000,000,000
🔒 Locked Liquidity: 80%
Buy link: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x570eb152C93D2F49E683bE5F435d63187886182E
💬 Telegram: https://t.me/treedomcoins
📃Contract: 0x570eb152C93D2F49E683bE5F435d63187886182E
🌐 Website: https://www.treedomcoins.com
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2021.12.01 09:33 anevmarfoglalt FNF VS KINGS OF NOWHERE

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2021.12.01 09:33 Grandmaster_40 Any command block geniuses?

Asking for help from command block experts. Is there any way to make a gateway that deletes a certain block from your inventory? Like for example, you have a block of oak in your inventory but whenever you go through this gate, you don't have it anymore.
I'd greatly appreciate any ideas on how to do it with command blocks since I'm currently making a puzzle map and that will make things even more interesting.
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2021.12.01 09:33 murphs33 Riker's very competitive when it comes to Wii Sports

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2021.12.01 09:33 newcoders Cozy corner

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2021.12.01 09:33 mchetaxhsc [HIRING] 25 Jobs video editors and more, Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
KJO Media Video EditoMotion Graphics Westwood
Premier renovations VideographeEditoSocial Media/Podcast/Drone/Partner Fraser
Abella Studios Video & Cinematography Post-Production Associate (Weddings & Events) Township Of Howell
JACK Thistledown Racino LLC Video Lottery Terminal Attendant Randall
Natures Garden Candle & Soap Supplies VideographePhotographeEditor Wellington
Electronics Flip Video Game & Electronics Retail Associate Willowick
All Systems Audio/Video Audio/Video Technician/Installer Feasterville-Trevose
ClearView Asset Protection Security Video Monitor Fogelsville
Mercy Ships Video Editor Lindale
SocialParagon Video Producer Lehi
Signal Hound Video Producer & Graphic Designer Battle Ground
Alms Creative Video Editor Hudson
Electronic Environments Lead Audio Video Installation Technician (Hamptons) Water Mill
Challenger School Video Script Writer Centerville
Sharp Laboratories of America Video Coding Researcher Camas
Electronic Environments Field Service Technicians - Audio Video (Hamptons) Water Mill
Division Sports Pub / Rockwood Lounge Division Sports Pub / Rockwood Lounge: Bartender With Video Lottery Experience Town Of Herman
Division Sports Pub / Rockwood Lounge Division Sports Pub / Rockwood Lounge: Bartender With Video Lottery Experience Town Of Pella
Division Sports Pub / Rockwood Lounge Division Sports Pub / Rockwood Lounge: Bartender With Video Lottery Experience Town Of Red Springs
Advanced Systems Group Junior Video Editor Playa Vista
Odoo, Inc. Video Content Creator San Francisco Bay Area
Gowldcore Video Production Specialist Avon
RTA Outdoor Living, LLC Video Editor Cambridge City
Security Consulting Inc Video Edito Technical Writer Woodlawn
Northridge Church Video EditoMotion Graphics Designer Plymouth
Hey guys, I know this may not be the perfect place, but I though some of you may have the skills and the interest to apply to some recent job openings. I you are not interested in these jobs just ignore them, downvote them or ban me, if you are interested in them apply directly to the link we are searching for North America based individuals (for tax reasons)only, thanks!
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2021.12.01 09:33 aleyaaduruvil Anyone looking to read a shifter romance for free?

Hi! I'm new here. I just launched my paranormal romance book, and I'm looking for people who can review it. If you're interested, please let me know and I'll send a free copy! Thank you! Here's the blurb below:
They told me I wasn’t an orphan. They said I finally have a family. Then my fated mate rejected me, and the life I had always wanted burned in front of my eyes.
I can only blame myself for feeling hope even after being continuously betrayed and let down, right?
Wrong. In this hidden world where magic, gods, and all kinds of shifters exist, the wolves who cast me away have an enemy. With roars that chill my spine, the lions find me and take me away.
They offer me revenge, but how do I know I can trust them?
Among all this mess, a golden-haired, blue-eyed, sexy-as-hell young lion says he despises me for who I am, but looks at me in ways that make my heart hammer in my ears.
I have to make a choice. Do I ignore the way I'm being pulled toward this dark and dangerous lion prince? Or do I give in...and risk being betrayed for the last time? ... 'Castaway' is a steamy, enemies-to-lovers shifter romance that does not end on a major cliffhanger. It is perfect for readers of Jaymin Eve(Shadow Beast Shifters) and Elizabeth Briggs(Zodiac Wolves).
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2021.12.01 09:33 thehumbleakhi How to live happily

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2021.12.01 09:33 Jube-art Cosmic Lizard (Watercolor and Gouache)🦎 🌈

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