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Flag of slam guys french pants bu they're looking kinda sus

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2021.10.16 21:03 New-Mercia Flag of slam guys french pants bu they're looking kinda sus

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2021.10.16 21:03 AndenFraBronx Grateful collection ✌🏻🇩🇰

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2021.10.16 21:03 squad-W is xdev safe to use?

I want to make some modded outfits so badd but Im scared to use xdev since I dont want to lose my legit lvl 378 account. Do you know if others got banned for using it in the past?
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2021.10.16 21:03 NothingHaunting7482 I'm sure you get this a lot here...but could I have had POTs all this time?

I am 32f and have a number of unexplained symptoms...well in the past anxiety was to blame of course, but I have made so SO much amazing progress in that aspect working with my therapist and husband, its hard to believe that is the only cause anymore. I've had my iron, thyroid tested numerous times, I eat a good diet.
I've had noticable heart palpitations since I was 24. They come in waves, sometimes when I eat, sometimes when I'm stressed, almost everytime I lay down. It feels like a pounding in my throat, and a flutter in my chest. The attacks take hours to go away, and meditation/deep breathing doesn't work, makes it worse.
My resting heart rate has always been 88-90. Any cardio excersie, including going up a few stairs, makes it skyrocket and I get short of breath easily. Deep breathing can calm that. Slow moderate exercise is doable for me.
Restless leg syndrome since I was a kid, but it has gotten almost unbearable, I feel it in my hips, thighs, calves and even arms. Comes anytime I'm tired or trying to relax (watching TV, yoga etc), and keeps me from getting any sort of real rest.
I obviously don't sleep well, takes a long time to fall asleep, wake up every couple hours. And constantly have the annoying urge to pee.
By noon everyday I'm completely exhausted, brain fog, no energy, can't focus. It really restricts my ability to work effectively.
I get dizzy/black out a bit when I stand up, but not everytime, maybe happens a few times a week. And I always thought I was just lazy, but standing for a long time (in lineups etc) really makes me feel queezy/sleepy. Consistent walking is ok.
My hands go numb if I hold them above my heart for more than a few minutes.
And a weird appetite. I can be starving but the thought of eating turns me off most times. I have sensitive stomach too, which I've tried many elimination diets to find a root cause.
Oh and electrolyte/mineral drinks make me feel great sometimes. I do eat a pretty healthy diet and drink a decent amount of water.
Thanks for reading !!
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2021.10.16 21:03 GreLa2814 Homeless cats own Dunkin’… Bapa Network

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2021.10.16 21:03 socialhazard Spooky Prom!!

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2021.10.16 21:03 Left_Structure7276 Time to reboot this series again.

It's the same writing team from the last film so what the hell happened with the dialogue? It sounds like it wasn't even written by humans. It was constant throughout the film. Everyone speaks like they are from a melodramatic anime. It was cool being able to watch it from home but it was almost embarrassing to watch.
JLC will be in her 90's by H60 and I can only hope they give her better material because this was brutal.
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2021.10.16 21:03 hipandcool_guy My cat's fur pattern matches the rug almost perfectly

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2021.10.16 21:03 Busy-Pangolin1899 English book for first grade

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2021.10.16 21:03 ArchiViolencia IWTL How to SHUT my mind UP. Help please.

I've met friends who listen to me and to whom I placed a lot of trust on. They make me happy and I make them happy, as they themselves said. Before, I didn't have that. Wonderful.
But. I love speaking a lot for the sake of just doing it, for no reason, saying irrelevant things, responding to myself every two seconds, not being able to get to the point in what I'm saying (e.g instead of asking something simple in 1 message I write a stroke of 10 messages without getting to the question), not having an idea of what the hell am I responding to. If you ask me what did my friend say during the entire conversation, I can't tell you. That's something I discovered, when I said it to myself two days ago, that I would repeat everything that was said during a chat with anybody.
Basically I speak a lot and don't listen to almost anything they tell me. I either have to read it all over again, which probably because I'm lazy I don't like doing it, or I have to repeat it all mentally, but I can't remember. I don't listen. And you know what, after 2 hours of speaking for just speaking, or my mind doing it for me when my mouth isn't, it makes me feel bad, because the conversation goes nowhere, I don't have anything I got out of it and left empty handed, I wasted my time and I remember nothing of what was said.
My friends noticed it. one told me to "relax lol. It doesn't matter. Listen again to what I said slowly". The other says "you didn't listen to me I hate to say it like this, but learn to shut up lol" and I said "yeah".
So here's what I did. For the last 3 days I've tried, for a few minutes, to make absolute silence. When my mouth is not doing it, my mind is. I've noticed that, instead of letting me listen to what's around me and make an effort to listen instead of just hearing, it's cacophonous. If it's not speaking on its own without a second of silence, responding to something it doesn't even know the main point about, because it didn't listen and just wants to speak, then it's playing music. If it's not playing music, then idk it's doing everything in its power to make the sounds that surround me (e.g my steps) nonexistent. It succeeds all the time. In fact, even while writing all of this I'm thinking of music. That's just ridiculous.
I hate it. It makes me feel bad at this point. You know why? because I'm just tired. At first it was good to tell them I did this, so that they could help me and I had something to talk about, but now it's like I even already know what will happen when I speak for speaking, I already know the answer and I know what they'll say, and it seems like they know it too, but it's something only I can fix. It's like I'm treating them and myself like idiots. It's like I do it because I want to speak with them for the sake of speaking with somebody, when all I should do is shut the hell up and listen.
Also yes, this convoluted rambling is the way I adore speaking to people, instead of just asking the simple question. I guess it happens because I've never truly had to think seriously in my life. I've never had to work or faced any situation in which I had to use my brain, or just now made true friends, and everyone always did almost everything for me. Just now did I say "let's shut up, listen and think". Well, I can't do it.
I want to shut up and let my head be clean of thoughts. 100% clean empty, but my mind KEEPS MAKING NOISE. SHUT UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUP is what I want to tell it. That it lets me listen and think in peace.
Please tell me how to do that. Thank you. I'm sorry if this is the most tiresome thing in the world to read. Yes, I also say sorry a lot just to make sure no one thinks anything I'm saying is bad. Yes, I know that last thing was totally needless to say. Yes, this is what I mean by speaking for the sake of doing it.
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2021.10.16 21:03 GuessForGames Minecraft Live 2021 Full Presentation

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2021.10.16 21:03 Mauijima The "Animal"

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2021.10.16 21:03 butterflybbybre I haven’t had the best day today but all the positive people on here keep me going❤️

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2021.10.16 21:03 NuggetsWhileCrying I’d honestly pay for more islands

There’s only 9 available right now, it’s kind of pathetic tbh.
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2021.10.16 21:03 carawompwomp ASMR Voice: Demons Inside Me (Part 1) [Supernatural] [Demon Roommate]

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2021.10.16 21:03 JCsLessons 1 hr of scary Halloween Ambience

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2021.10.16 21:03 Minalocr AUTUMN OF '98 (Hallow Creek) | The Sims 4: Build Tour

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2021.10.16 21:03 Potential_One35 ban?

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2021.10.16 21:03 IbimsKaan [REQUEST] Sledge +silencer backbling

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2021.10.16 21:03 MugShots LVMPD Traffic Alert

LVMPD Traffic Alert TRAFFIC PROBLEM 2601 E SUNSET RD 10/16/2021 11:54:35 AM incident #LLV211000066520
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2021.10.16 21:03 NoaimNokit Will be doing a small giveaway on my stream, join in stay or don’t I just hope too see you!

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2021.10.16 21:03 Witty_Sign_2207 Banksy style little sister.

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