What are the disadvantages of technology getting more advanced?

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2021.10.16 21:11 Pitiful-Aspect What are the disadvantages of technology getting more advanced?

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2021.10.16 21:11 Straight_Composer870 Si je la voie je la baiseeeee la c'est trop cette pétasse mérite une bite bien dur la mienne 😈🍑

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2021.10.16 21:11 anirudhkolli11 What is your ringtone?

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2021.10.16 21:11 danny3535 Anyone having glitches when using weapons or when new characters throw something at you?

I am having really bad glitches every time I use an ax and when the two new characters throw something at me. It’s so bad that I can’t get passed some spots because I can’t get to where I need to be in time.
On mobile iPhone 7
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2021.10.16 21:11 gb041387 Those who ran a Marathon, training with Hansons

I have my first marathon tomorrow, and as I’m sure is normal, I’m starting to question everything 😅
I trained with Hansons beginner method, and never missed a day. For the last 6-8 weeks, I’ve been averaging my long runs and tempo runs in the 8:30s and 8:40s, with some of my faster 10–12 mile tempo runs averaging <8:20 with a handful of miles under 8 minutes. The legs would feel pretty gassed after, but that’s what Hansons is all about. My heart rate has stayed, in average, pretty consistent.
I was planning to stay in the 8:40-8:50 range for at least the first half, and gauge from there, but I do not want to overshoot and bonk. The simple answer is to just take it out slower if you’re worried.
My question is - did the 50-60 mile weeks in the training plan pay dividends? Did you feel noticeably stronger after the 10 day recovery than during training?
Thanks in advance!
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2021.10.16 21:11 Christos_Gaming Susie drawing contest.

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2021.10.16 21:11 odotortoise Rex

Funni rex headbust I made. Colors inspired by Rick Charles' rex. Not too accurate tho :p
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2021.10.16 21:11 SLGwasTaken me

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2021.10.16 21:11 aston_za Looking for the name of a RPG that basically has a bunch of NASA documents as the manual....

Saw this ages ago, I think as a Dropbox link. The system was pretty light, mission control talking to an astronaut and making their life difficult. It also came with a bunch of NASA documentation to help with terminology and widgets and such.
Is it a fever dream or is this real? If it is real, what the hell is it called?
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2021.10.16 21:11 Jackwon34 My gaming pc won't factory reset and it takes forever to boot up.

So I keep trying to factory reset my computer and it resets for a little while before having an issue and stopping the reset. Along with this my pc takes forever to start up. What do I do?
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2021.10.16 21:11 angelo_gallotta ATL they love each other

Anyone know where I can get the link to that nights show, can’t find it on Relisten or archive?
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2021.10.16 21:11 FindThatBalance What’s a nostalgic YouTube channel for you that reminds you of the early days?

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2021.10.16 21:11 Codingforever Are Jabra Halo Free bluetooth headset compatible with Samsung Galaxy S7??

Good Afternoon,
Can anyone tell me if the Jabra Halo Free bluetooth headset compatible with Samsung Galaxy S7??
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2021.10.16 21:11 Katy_keene098 oopsie

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2021.10.16 21:11 ScribbleLP Watch with subtitles for the best experience!

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2021.10.16 21:11 acerio9 After crafting all of these…I’m still glad we’re finally getting the old wheat field item in 2.0 😁

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2021.10.16 21:11 Just_A_Dude_I_Guess_ Gamer moment

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2021.10.16 21:11 SU_Abe 26 [M4F] NY/Anywhere - Looking For Someone to spend time with :)

Hello! My name is Chris(he/him)! Hope you are doing well 🙂 A bit about me, I’m 6ft3in and I’m a bit chubby. (https://m.imgur.com/a/3XUV6yC) I’m super empathetic and trust is a huge thing with me. I’m the person in the friend group that everyone confides in because I listen and care about what people are going through. I go through life trying to make people smile and laugh because I want to be a positive part of the lives of others. I’m a volunteer FirefighteEMT while working towards my degree in History. I have two dogs and two cats (will send pics if interested). I’m an INFJ for those interested. I game on PC mostly and I’m open to chatting on Discord or playing something. I hope to make some good friends and maybe more 🙂
As for preferences in a potential significant other, I mostly just want someone who is patient and empathetic. 18-30 is my preferred age range. I’m left leaning politically, and I identify as agnostic. I’m super affectionate and I love making the person I’m with feel loved and appreciated. My ideal activity with an SO is cuddling and watching anime or gaming :)
•Hobbies: Gaming (all kinds: Video, Card, Board), watching anime, helping others (I’m a firefighter), and bowling •Favorites: -(Anime) Tie between Konosuba and Steins;Gate -(TV show) House M.D. -(Cartoon) Avatar the Last Airbender -(Video Game) Pokémon (Gen 4 is favorite Gen) -(Card Game) Magic the Gathering -(Board Game) Call to Adventure -(Song) currently the Rocketman by Elton John
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2021.10.16 21:11 MarsupialNo7720 First Subaru

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2021.10.16 21:11 NeedAGoodUsername Neko Maid [Original]

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2021.10.16 21:11 DubNationAssemble Just realized Cole says ‘Top of the mornin” in my.life

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2021.10.16 21:11 QuebecLimaSierra Saw this pop-up and got excited. April fool's to me, I guess...

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2021.10.16 21:11 Charming-Ad-7807 (سوال یک)من مغزم نمیکشه یا شماهم

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2021.10.16 21:11 Gabrielhrd ANOTHER YEAR BOYS LET'S GOOOOOO

They hate us
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2021.10.16 21:11 yt_expert 【尔湾房产交易报告】2021九月下 | 爱分析的Mia

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